One More Time: BVN in SLO

Life — and music — have their different chapters, and Ranchers have been turning pages in new places, new directions, for most of the last year or two. But, reading ahead, we see that “the story” brings us back to the original starting point for a reunion of sorts:


Sunday, Dec. 16 @ Linnaea’s Cafe

1110 Garden Street, SLO

The evening begins at 5:30 and runs ’til 9:00 or so. Admission is free. Both Ray & Chas will perform short sets of their own music, then combine for a set of R4P favorites, including their original version of the song “The Light Of Christmas Day,” featured in the 2015 movie “Love The Coopers” in a version produced by T Bone Burnett and sung by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant — any of whom are welcome to join us on stage, if they happen to be in town.

It will be a sweet and “Peaceful” way to celebrate the season — hope to see you there.


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