Ray Duncan, Charles Duncan: Ranchers for Peace



Charles and Ray Duncan are “Ranchers for Peace,” a father/daughter duo of folk/rock noise-makers from Central California, weaving outrage and compassion into rhythm and harmony in songs of hope and social justice. With a mission statement of “doing what we can to make giving a damn cool again,” they’ve been raising rafters and consciousness, in churches, nightclubs, and barns, and on concert stages from Toronto to L.A., Santa Cruz to San Diego since the Fall of 2011.


A hiatus following Ray’s move to Nashville (in early 2019) was prolonged by the pandemic, and a 2020 reunion had to be postponed — until now. To mark their 10th Ranch-i-versary Season, R4P are pleased to announce the release (Nov. 19) of their 1st Single — a 7-inch 45 on RED vinyl — “Joy To The Ranch,” featuring two new songs tailor-made to warm hearts and lift spirits after the long march we’ve all endured this past year and a half. Shows in California in early December will be their 1st in almost three years: fully vaccinated friends in or near LA and Ventura counties are encouraged to attend. It would be great to see you again, and to share these songs of comfort and joy — as well as the debut of several new ones to be featured on our next release, “EP#3 — One Kind Of Free,” scheduled for Spring of ’22.

“Let the children sing and shout, let the silver bells ring out” — R4P are BACK, friends, and once again roaming the hills and valleys of their imaginary Ranch. Hope to see you Out There — soon!


An earlier version of the band first surfaced in Los Angeles, in the early ’80s, consisting of founding partners Charles Duncan and LA singer/songwriter Kerry McBride. The band’s name was inspired by a 1982 article in the New York Times about a group of *actual* ranchers from the American West and their mission to the Soviet Union to join with fellow agriculturalists there in the cause of nuclear disarmament (the headline read, “Ranchers For Peace Fascinate Russians”). See the original story, here:

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