Coming Soon: R4P “Live Recording”

Friends, it’s been a while since we’ve posted. Life, as you know, is that which happens while you’re making other plans.

Meanwhile: the big World keeps on turning, Music continues to call to us, and we’ve decided to try to build a bridge between those two Large Realities — by making a live record.

Yup: we plan to document our stage show, hi-fi style, and create a lasting record (in the original meaning of the word) of What We Do. After three and a half years and more than a hundred performances, we figured it was time.

Session Number One is THIS WEEK: Sunday, Dec. 7, 7:00 PM, at our very own Red Shack in Cambria CA. Seating will be *very* limited (it’s a tiny place) — please email for directions and to confirm your seat (click on “Contact R4P”). There will be a hat, and you’ll be free to put money in it if you want ($15 suggested donation), but our main purpose here is to rope in a small but mighty audience for the righteous mojo needed to propel the kind of performance we want to capture. Come on out and help us on our way — here at our first show for R4P LIVE — 2015!

Next date: Friday, Jan. 9, 2015, 8:00 PM — Painted Sky Studio, Harmony CA.

Further details on that show — as well as Show #3 (tba) — coming soon after the Holidays. ¡Gracias! — hope to see you on the Ranch…

One thought on “Coming Soon: R4P “Live Recording”

  1. Hi,
    Roger Longden is my name. Cle and I have been in SLO since 1971. We love it all.
    Sorry to miss the December event in Cambria. Caught your performance in Los Osos
    a few months ago. It was at the Church across from the Memorial Park on LOVR.
    The St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church. It was for the People of Faith for Justice. At intermission
    I spoke with you about the idea of an Oil Train song to be sung when the County in February or March begins to decide on the Phillips 66 Spur project which would turn SLO Town into a rolling oil pipeline town. I also asked if you knew Billy Foppiano of Fun Live Music and the Mighty Croon Dogs. He’s a good friend who now plays locally with his son Charlie. Next Wednesday Jan. 28th he will be at the Bon Temp restaurant on Olive St. in SLO at 6:30PM. A few of us will be there to grab a bite and catch a tune. He just might have the beginnings of an Oil Train song then. Was hoping you might be available. A cajun meal is on me if you like. Hope you see this.

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