It’s June 24, 2019 — and you’re reading the 1st ever “Ranch-a-Gram.” This new feature of “R4P online” has been planned for a while, as a home for an upcoming regular Podcast where we’ll be sharing live recordings never before heard, along with notes about the songs, and how they might relate to the lives we’re all living now.

Sounds good, yeah? So how come you’re reading a conventional post now — instead of listening to a slickly produced Audio Essay?

Because — there’s crap happening on the border that demands a response. Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. So, here’s our little song, “That Bloody Sun,” from a few years ago: this was during the surge of unaccompanied minors heading north to escape gang violence back home — many of them crossing the border in desolate areas, only to wind up lost in the desert, never to be seen again. Today, kids are again coming in big numbers — only this time, as families. And they’re not running from Border Patrol — they’re walking into their arms and asking for asylum.

We haven’t got a song for that — yet. So, for now, this one will have to do — please listen, please *share,* and please have a look at the important info that follows. ¡Gracias!



Family separation, and the resulting abuse of many hundreds of children, continues at this minute on our southern border. People fleeing violence and starvation in Central America are presenting themselves daily at the US border to apply for asylum — as is their *right* under international law as well as the law of this country. These families are not evading “capture” or being “apprehended” — they are turning themselves in to Federal agents as soon as they can upon crossing, in order to begin to seek asylum. This is a *legal* process, and families choosing to seek this option are not “criminals” — they are desperate human beings, facing tremendous risk and uncertainty on their journey in the hope of avoiding even *worse* in their home countries.

But, instead of receiving humane treatment and reasonable access to the legal process that *our* laws require, thousands of families are separated, held in separate facilities — sometimes in separate states — without any means to communicate, or to receive information about the status of their loved ones — their children — whose fate is now in the hands of law enforcement agencies entirely unprepared to cope with the situation. The results are heartbreaking, tragic, *predictable* — and completely unacceptable.

The Human Race is one people, one Family — or not “human” at all. This being true, these kids are therefore *our* children — and the official policy of this U.S. Government is now harming them, severely, every single minute of every day. Our kids. This has to stop. We have to demand it, now, in every possible way. And we have to speak up against those who would deny the immorality of these policies: they are simply 100 percent wrong.

In the century and a half since the Civil War, the political divide in the United States has never been so deep as it is today. Everyone is aware of this, and many are concerned. The question now is whether some of us — *any* of us, no matter what our political persuasion — have concluded that, as a matter of official government policy, it’s okay to abuse and traumatize innocent children, toddlers, and babies. Is this who we are?

If we fail to act now, if we turn away from our responsibility to help those who can’t help themselves — the answer to that question will be “yes.” Instead, let’s raise a ruckus, raise our voices, join together with people on all sides to say, “Stop the abuse!”

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening — and thanks for not letting the answer be “yes.”

The latest on the situation — and what we can *do* about it:
CNN, reporting *today* on conditions of detention for kids: https://cnn.it/2x9AOyd
On NPR (Scott Simon, this Saturday): https://n.pr/2X9oaic
And this tragedy, TODAY, in Texas, via NPR: https://n.pr/2RGcRIl
The New York Times, today, on what we can do about it: https://nyti.ms/2Xxbxg2
And, coming up in July: https://www.lightsforliberty.org

#notinmyname #ourkids #stoptheabuse #Ranch-a-Gram-number-1

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