December Record Sale!

Wait, what? It’s that time of year… again?!

Yup, and we want to remind you that our HOLIDAY SINGLE — just released last year, and still fresh as the day they were made (down cellar here at the Ranch) is still available, for a limited time only — at NEW REDUCED PRICES:

$10 for the Limited Edition 45

(on RED vinyl)

$5 — for the CD version (very limited supply)

Any purchase also includes 3 free Download Codes from Bandcamp, because ’tis the Season, yeah, and we very much want to spread the word about this Ranch of ours, but we need *your help* to do it. Buy both versions together — or more than one of either — and the shipping is on us! Mazeltov!


We still have CD copies of our EP#3, ONE KIND OF FREE, featuring six new songs you ain’t heard before. Grab one of these — for $8 — along with a Holiday single or two, and we’ll ship FREE — also including 3 free DOWNLOAD CODES, as somebody just said a minute ago. Right this way:

THANKS IN ADVANCE — we had a great time in Nashville last month, but now there’s bills to pay and plans to make for our CA mini-Tour next Spring… We’ll see you then!

Live at The Bowery Vault, Nashville, Nov. 5, ’22 (photo by Riley Johnson)

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